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Privileged treatment and safety

Fast & Safe Transfer

Are you stuck in the middle of an airport crowd trying to find a safe and fast way to your desired location or you are already late for a very important meeting that is definitely going to jump-start your business? Don’t even bother yourself with all that unnecessary stress and anxiety, let us take care of all of that by letting you enjoy your ride.  All you need to do is book and pick your drink!

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Luxurious place to stay

Tired of browsing all those venue booking sites, comparing cost and reading reviews? Well, theres absolutely no need for you to do that anymore. Ride & Drink®️ collaborates with a great variety of hotels and privately held apartments all across the Balkans.  So tell us what exactly you need and we will make sure you get the luxurious private space where you will feel at home.

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Organizing your business trip

Finding a venue for your meeting, organizing transport, checking suitable dining restaurants, renting presentation equipment, sending invitations to your business parters, checking flights and routes? From now on, there is another, a lot cheaper and time saving option. Let us take care of your entire business trip. Let us know your schedule and be the pro you are!

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